Building an Official Mountain Lion USB Stick

For those who purchased OS X Mountain Lion through the App Store and wanted to do a Fresh (Clean) install have probably come across many methods of creating OS X Mountain Lion Bootable USB sticks. The one I have previously used for installation of Lion and Mountain Lion on my home Macs has been the Lion DiskMaker. This software automates the creation of a Bootable Mountain Lion USB key (or CD) using a purchased and downloaded through the Apple App Store.

When I attempted to install Lion using the USB Key I created using Lion DiskMaker I discovered that during the installation I would be prompted to connect to the internet, and then to sign on to a Apple App Store account that has Mountain Lion already purchased (this holds true for installations of Lion too).

There is nothing wrong with this process, as it confirms that you have indeed purchased the software you are trying to install (a form of rudimentary DRM), and for home or single user environments this is perfectly acceptable. However, in certain larger environments (such as corporate networks devoid of central Apple Server infrastructure, or on secure networks), this process is untenable. Continue reading “Building an Official Mountain Lion USB Stick”